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Adapting Compensation Strategy in an Economic Crisis

Absent a magic bullet, the only solution is to adapt. As we weather the impact to the global economy, significant disruption to business and weakening of many sectors, one thing is sure: businesses still need to retain key talent — not just the top performers, but workers who perform critical jobs. Whether or not you have an incentive plan — you’re missing a critical opportunity to focus the increase dollars where they’re needed most.
In this guide, we dive deep into several viable compensation strategy options that will help optimize and bring some flexibility to the challenging times.


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Adapting Compensation Strategy in an Economic Crisis

This includes...


checkmarkCoronavirus Economy Impacts Varibale Pay


checkmarkAllocate Increase Dollars Where Needed Most


checkmarkCompensation Hurdles to Overcome in the Coronavirus Economy


checkmarkCoronavirus Economy Calls for New Base Pay Strategies


checkmarkSix Strategies for Managing Compensation in a Business Downturn



Adapting Compensation Strategy in an Economic Crisis

And just like that, the Goldilocks Economy ended. GDP growth was a healthy 2.9% in 2019. The Dow Jones hit 29,000 in January, 2020, and a record high in February. The 3.5% unemployment rate was the lowest we had seen since 1969. In a few short weeks, that’s all changed.